Grand Shoulder Table
W220 L80 H75      
交貨期 4~6周
Delivery time(Estimate Only): 4~6weeks
双肩大案桌 Grand Shoulder Table
單價 Unit price   ¥6500.00
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尺寸Size  W220 L80 H75      
Quantities 選擇數量為 件/piece


A typical design of Fnji furniture. The inspiration came from posts and beams structure of traditional Chinese architecture.
fully mortise and tenon joint structure.The surface of the table (chair) is made of a piece of the wood.
This material is massive, however, to some areas under the huge humid differences, it may appear the natural crack. It is inevitable.
Used for rather big space as dining table for 4-8 people, or worktable.



Free delivery within downtown Beijing orders of 5000RMB or more. Deliveries are made on weekends only. An additional fee of 200RMB will be charged for weekday deliveries.
2)北京以外的订单需要物流,为避免家具在运输过程中受损,一律制作木箱或蜂窝纸箱包装,包装费260元/每立方 由我方收取;物流费用由物流公司收取;以上费用均因所购买物品包装后体积而定,确认订单前,客服人员会提供参考价格。
Orders outside of Beijing will require coordination with a logistics company to carry out deliveries with wooden case packaging(in case of damage). A packing fee of 260RMB/cubic meter will be included; this does not include any fees charged by the logistics company. All packing expenses are calculated based on the volume of the delivered item after packaging. Our service staff will quote a reference price before confirming the order.
Promotions: The wooden case packaging will be provided free of charge for single orders exceeding 10,000RMB. A complimentary FNJI three-legged round low table will be included with orders more than 40,000RMB.

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About Solid Wood:
较之市场上常见的仿实木家具,实木家具更加结实、耐用、环保。 举个例子,假如我们在使用中破坏了家具的表面,那么实木家具露出的依旧是木头,但仿实木家具则完全被破坏了。
Compared with imitation wood furniture commonly found in the market, solid wood furniture is more robust, durable and environment-friendly. For example, in the case of surface damage, the inside material that is thus exposed is still wood with a solid wood item while the imitation may become basically ruined. In addition, as a solid wood item undergoes gradual changes in color and touch over time, how its user reacts to these changes will also undergo a very subtle evolution. Fnji furniture is all made of solid wood, including rear boards for cabinets and bottom boards for drawers.

 About Coating:
Fnji furniture is made of FSC certified timber which is produced in a green, legal and sustainable process. Selected from all over the world, the quality material goes through derosination, baking and thermocompression carried out with sophisticated US equipment and techniques, resulting in more stable characteristics.

About Workmanship:
Fnji furniture makes use of Chinese mortise and tenon joint structure. For the seat of a chair as well as bed assembly, hardware hinges are used. The processing procedure starts with machine-aided cutting which is followed by traditional handicraft techniques, thus leaving distinct handwork marks.

For Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) and the Ordering Process,Please refer to FAQ 如何订购